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Ever since I was about 12 years old I have had a passion to design and create my own fishing lures. Their is no better sense of achievement when you made a lure that catches fish and more fish than any other!!! So after many years of creating and 3 years of research and development I decided to produce a Blade / Vibe lure that was different. I thought how good would a blade be if it not only vibed on a soft lift but also vibed on the drop!

The theory was easy...if it vibed on the drop it would hold longer in the water column (in the bite Zone) = More Bites! This is what I have achieved. The Bread N’ Butter 35 was the first of many concepts I have. Stay tuned for more Performance Lures.

These high quality Performance lures are the product from the many years of creating, researching and developing.

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